Alexa Flashing Yellow: What To Do

When your Echo device flashes yellow, it indicates that you have a notification or a message from an Alexa contact, or that you have missed a reminder. The yellow light serves as a gentle reminder that there is something for you to attend to. But what’s the best way to address this notification?

To access your notifications, all you need to do is ask Alexa. Simply say, “Alexa, what are my notifications?” or “Alexa, what are my messages?” Alexa will then read them out to you, helping you stay updated and connected. Once you have listened to all your notifications, the yellow light should disappear, leaving you with peace of mind.

Key Takeaways:

  • When your Echo device flashes yellow, it means you have a notification or a message.
  • Ask Alexa, “What are my notifications?” or “What are my messages?” to access and listen to them.
  • Once you have checked your notifications, the yellow light should disappear.
  • Stay connected and up-to-date with the help of Alexa and your Echo device.
  • Enjoy a seamless experience by addressing your notifications promptly.

Understanding the Different Alexa Light Colors

The flashing yellow light on your Echo device indicates a notification or message, but it’s helpful to understand the meanings of other light colors as well. Familiarizing yourself with these colors will allow you to easily interpret what Alexa is trying to convey.

Cyan Spotlight: Alexa Is Listening

A cyan spotlight on a blue ring indicates that Alexa is actively listening for your voice commands. When you see this light, feel free to speak your request or question to Alexa.

Solid Red: Microphone Muted

A solid red light on your Echo device signifies that the microphone is muted. This means Alexa won’t be able to hear your voice commands. To unmute the microphone, you can either press the microphone button on your device or say, “Alexa, unmute” out loud.

Spinning Cyan: Starting Up or Restarting

When you observe a spinning cyan light on your Echo device, it means that the device is either starting up or in the process of restarting. Give it a moment, and it should become responsive once the process is complete.

Orange: Setup Mode or Internet Connection

An orange light suggests that your Echo device is either in setup mode or attempting to establish a stable internet connection. If you’ve recently acquired a new device, follow the provided instructions to set it up properly. If you’re experiencing internet connectivity issues, it’s recommended to troubleshoot your network or contact your internet service provider for assistance.

Pulsing Green: Incoming Call

When your Echo device emits a pulsing green light, it indicates that you have an incoming call. You can answer the call by saying, “Alexa, answer,” or reject it by stating, “Alexa, ignore.”

Spinning Green: Active Call or Drop In

A spinning green light denotes that your Echo device is currently in an active call or drop-in session. During this time, Alexa is engaged in a conversation or listening to the environment. If you’d like to end the call or drop-in, you can say, “Alexa, hang up.”

Purple: Do Not Disturb or Wi-Fi Setup

The sudden appearance of a purple light on your Echo device indicates a couple of different scenarios. Firstly, it may indicate that the “Do Not Disturb” feature is enabled, ensuring that Alexa won’t interrupt you with notifications. Secondly, the purple light may appear during the initial Wi-Fi setup process of your device.

White: Volume Levels and Alexa Guard

White lights on your Echo device serve multiple purposes. They indicate the current volume level being set when you adjust it with the volume buttons. Additionally, a pulsing white light signifies that Alexa Guard is in Away mode, monitoring for sounds of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, or glass breaking.

Understanding the different Alexa light colors can greatly enhance your interaction with your Echo device. By paying attention to these visual cues, you’ll be able to use Alexa more effectively and stay informed about various notifications and device statuses.

Troubleshooting Yellow Light Issues

If your Echo device is flashing yellow and you’re unsure why, there are a few possible reasons. It could indicate a missed call or unread message from an Alexa contact, an unchecked past reminder alert, an unread notification in the Alexa app, or a shipping or delivery update for an Amazon product. It’s important to note that standard missed calls, SMS texts, and social media direct messages will not trigger a yellow flash. Only missed or unread communications from Alexa contacts will cause the yellow light.

To stop the yellow light, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take:

1. Check your notifications

Ask Alexa to tell you your notifications or messages by saying, “Alexa, what are my notifications?” or “Alexa, what are my messages?” She will read them to you, and once you have listened to all your notifications, the yellow light should disappear. Alternatively, you can use the Alexa app on your device to check and clear your notifications.

2. Update your Echo device

Ensure that your Echo device is running on the latest software update. You can check for updates in the Alexa app or by asking Alexa, “Alexa, check for software updates.” Updating your device may resolve any software-related issues causing the yellow light to flash.

3. Resolve missed calls and unread messages

Make sure you haven’t missed any calls or unread messages from your Alexa contacts. Check your call history in the Alexa app and mark any missed or unread items as read. Additionally, review your recent conversations to ensure you haven’t overlooked any messages.

4. Disable specific alerts

If you’re receiving notifications that you don’t want or need, you can customize your notification settings to disable certain types of alerts. In the Alexa app, go to Settings > Notifications and choose the specific notification types you want to enable or disable.

5. Amazon return process-related updates

If you recently made a purchase on Amazon and the yellow light is flashing, it could indicate a shipping or delivery update for that specific product. You can check the status of your order in the Amazon app or website.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to address the yellow light flashing on your Echo device and resolve any underlying issues. If the problem persists, reach out to Amazon support for further assistance.

Yellow light on Echo device troubleshooting

Disabling the Yellow Flashing Light

If you find the yellow flashing light on your Echo device to be bothersome and don’t need to be notified in this way, there are options to disable it. Here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Turn on “Do Not Disturb” mode: Open the Alexa app and navigate to settings. In the Device Settings section, choose your Echo device. Scroll down and toggle on the Do Not Disturb option. This will block incoming calls and notifications, including the yellow flashing light.
  2. Adjust communication settings: If you only want to be contacted by your favorite contacts, you can customize your communication settings. Open the Alexa app and go to settings. Select Communication and then Contacts. From here, you can remove contacts from your favorites list, allowing only these selected individuals to reach you via Alexa.
  3. Disable specific types of notifications: To further tailor your notification preferences, you can choose to disable specific types of notifications such as Amazon shopping updates or reminder notifications. Here’s how:
    1. Go to the Alexa app and access settings.
    2. Select Notifications and then Amazon Shopping.
    3. Toggle off the Delivery Notifications option to disable Amazon shopping notifications.

It’s worth noting that disabling reminder notifications may prevent Alexa from reminding you of important tasks or events. Consider your preferences and the potential impact before making this adjustment.


Disabling the Yellow Flashing Light
Option Steps
Turn on “Do Not Disturb” mode 1. Open the Alexa app
2. Go to settings
3. Select your Echo device
4. Toggle on “Do Not Disturb” option
Adjust communication settings 1. Open the Alexa app
2. Go to settings
3. Select “Communication”
4. Choose “Contacts”
5. Remove contacts from favorites list
Disable specific types of notifications 1. Open the Alexa app
2. Access settings
3. Select “Notifications”
4. Choose “Amazon Shopping”
5. Toggle off “Delivery Notifications”

How to Troubleshoot Alexa Connectivity Issues When It’s Flashing Yellow?

If your Alexa is flashing yellow and you’re experiencing connectivity issues, you may need to fix unresponsive Alexa server. Start by checking your Wi-Fi connection and rebooting your router. Ensure that your Alexa device is within range of the router and try disabling and re-enabling the Wi-Fi on the device.

Resolving Echo Light Issues

When troubleshooting issues with your Echo device, understanding the various light codes can be crucial. If you have already checked your notifications and the yellow light persists, it may indicate a problem with your Wi-Fi connection or an error with Alexa.

To resolve these issues, you can start by restarting your Echo device. This simple step often helps to reset the device and resolve any temporary connectivity issues. Additionally, ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is stable and working properly. If the problem persists, reaching out to Amazon support for further assistance can be beneficial. They can provide guidance and help troubleshoot any Alexa errors you may be experiencing.

It’s important to pay attention to the different light colors and what they signify. This knowledge can help you identify and address potential issues with your Echo device effectively. By following these troubleshooting steps and being mindful of the light codes, you can ensure a smooth user experience with your Echo device and resolve any technical difficulties that may arise.

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