BT Home Hub and Sky Broadband – 4 Things You Need To Know

You’ve got a BT Home Hub and you want to switch to Sky Broadband. However, you’ve set your smart home up and you don’t want to go through that hassle again with a new router. Can you use a BT Home Hub 6 with Sky broadband?

BT Home Hub and Sky Broadband

Here are 4 things you need to know about BT Home Hub and Sky Broadband:

  1. Using a BT Home Hub on Sky Broadband has mixed results.
  2. Not all BT Hubs are created equal.
  3. Sky Broadband is ahead of BT in customer service and value.
  4. Using a BT Router on Sky Broadband is worth the effort.

Any lifestyle change requires smart shopping and a willingness to problem-solve, and the transition to an automated home is no different. Read on to understand what strings you can pull to stay connected to the world and enjoy the benefits of your BT home hub.

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Can I Use a BT Router on Sky Broadband?

You can use a BT router on your regular Sky Broadband, but it may take more time and effort than you might think. Using one company’s router on another’s broadband requires a few clever workarounds, as well as trial and error.

1. Using a BT Home Hub on Sky Broadband Has Mixed Results

A few years ago, Sky Broadband’s terms of service disallowed the use of another router on their broadband network, but this policy has since changed. Users can now use a variety of routers and devices in combination with their regular broadband.

Despite this, many people have written in to the company’s public help message boards to complain that they’ve had issues with BT Home Hubs on their broadband and fiber connections.

However, there is a workaround.

By giving your BT Home Hub 6 routers a different IP address, you should be able to connect to the system, increasing your wifi and enjoying the connective services that the BT Home Hub 6 offers.

Some users suggest turning off your BT Home Hub’s “smart” settings if issues continue to arise- another reason why it is essential to shop around for the best hub for your needs.

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2. Not All BT Hubs Are Created Equal

When selecting a model of BT Hub, it’s valuable to know that not all BT Hubs offer the same value or services, particularly between the “smart” models and the “home” hubs.

Before buying any BT Hub, customers should compare the models to find which best fits their needs. Read all reviews, understand what differences each model holds, and shop around until you find the exact model to fit your needs. When shopping around, be sure to pay extra attention to how exactly this tool connects to your home broadband network as well as what wireless frequency it occupies.

While some smart hubs allow full wifi, most home hubs only work to connect or enhance wifi access, working similarly to a wifi hotspot but with a greater than average range. In addition, while home hubs tend to be considered reliable, smart hubs may come with more kinks.

According to a report by BBC, BT Smart Hub 2 has disrupted user’s dreams of automation by refusing to communicate with any devices not connected to the same wireless frequency. To be fair, many of these issues are primarily the result of operator confusion, but nevertheless, customers not well versed in broadband issues may consider looking elsewhere.

3. Sky Broadband Is Ahead of BT in Customer Service and Value

With so many complications connecting a BT Home Hub to a Sky Broadband connection, you may be wondering why someone wouldn’t just switch to BT Broadband.

The answer is clear: reviews still broadly consider Sky Broadband the more desirable of the two, with far better customer service reviews.

While both BT and Sky receive largely positive customer feedback, Sky remains on top with the smallest number of complaints of any internet provider in the UK. Even customers who express issues with Sky Broadband largely leave satisfied, with 62% of customer complaints quickly handled.

Sky once again pulls slightly ahead when it comes to deals, offering 18-month-long contracts at a more reasonable price than the somewhat long two-year contracts on a BT deal. While BT offers a sports package that may appeal to athletics fans, Sky keeps the pace with additional free wifi.

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That being said, BT broadband remains slightly faster. Though this difference is likely not enough to matter to the average person, gamers and others who require a far faster pull may be swayed into considering a service switch.

4. Using a BT Router on Sky Broadband Is Worth the Effort

After reading about the mixed results, extra time, and effort necessary to use a BT Home Hub on Sky Broadband, you may be asking yourself if all this work is worth the end result. According to over 350 Amazon reviews, it is!

Despite the problems associated with setup, the BT Hub appears to be well worth the effort. It has overwhelmingly positive reviews, with customers reporting fantastic range and great signal. Other common praises include its smart home features, improvements over previous models, and overall reliability, with many saying that it “solved their wifi problems.”

Most negative reviews appear to be errors associated with connecting to separate broadband signals, a problem easily fixed with research and time. Though several comments reference these common issues, numerous others include advice walking newbies through the process.

One such review cites the “small tweaks” needed to take advantage of this model, all of which are previously addressed in this article. While this reviewer acknowledges that this model may not work the miracles other reviewers describe, he still agrees that the BT router is one of the best models available.

Overall, all the evidence points clearly in one direction: despite the minor headache its setup may provide, the benefits of both the BT Home Hub and Sky broadband well outweigh the disadvantages!