Will BT Smart Hub Work With Plusnet?

People out there with Plusnet may have noticed poor internet speeds using the provided router, leading them to want to replace it with a BT Smart Hub. Clearly, a better router means better internet, but does BT Smart Hub work with Plusnet at all? We find out here.

BT Smart Hub routers are completely compatible with Plusnet internet service. While there may be some setup problems if you have an unusual WiFi password containing special characters, switching routers is as simple as plugging it all up and checking some settings.

Will BT Smart Hub Work With Plusnet

In this article, I’ll discuss why routers are important, whether BT Smart Hub is compatible with Plusnet, and how to install it.

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Why Do You Need a Router?

A router is a device that processes and manages your home connection to the internet.

Typically when you pay for internet service, the internet service provider (ISP) gives you a modem and/or router (sometimes combined into one device) to let you connect your various devices to the internet. With a router, you get to set up your home network, the password, and many more esoteric settings.

A router is what bottlenecks your internet speeds, but your internet plan is important as well. If you pay for 200mbps, you will never get more than that out of your plan, no matter how good your router is. A great router can handle your internet connection, but a bad one can just as well slow down your internet by a significant degree.

ISP-provided equipment usually gets the job done, but you may not be getting the full bandwidth you’re paying for!

Poor quality routers slow down their whole network because their hardware can’t handle the connection. A good quality router can help you maximize the speed and bandwidth you can use on your devices.

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If you upgrade your internet plan, always make sure to inspect your current router’s specifications to check if it can handle the increase in speed. A router that only supports 200mbps will be totally useless if you upgrade to, say, a 400mbps plan. In such a case, you’d need to buy a new router to make use of your new speeds.

To check if your router is limiting your internet speeds, try connecting your computer to your modem using an ethernet cable and running one of the many ‘internet speed tests’ out there, like this one. Compare this to a reading taken when connected to WiFi, and you’ll be able to tell if your router is bottlenecking your wireless internet speed.

Can You Use a BT Hub With Plusnet?

Yes, you can use a BT Smart Hub with Plusnet, with some tricky caveats to keep in mind.

Firstly, your modem should be an FTTC (fiber-to-the-cabinet) type, or else you will need to invest in one of those as well. That’s because BT Smart Hub routers are made to only work with this technology.

Secondly, there are some special password requirements you may need to adhere to if your Smart Hub is an older model.

Otherwise, BT Smart Hubs are freely compatible with Plusnet because Plusnet has actually owned BT since 2007.

How To Use BT Smart Hub With Plusnet

Connecting and using a BT Smart Hub with Plusnet is as simple as following some easy steps.

The first thing to take care of is removing all the special characters from your WiFi password. You can do this by logging into your current router’s management site. Special characters such as the following can cause problems with older Smart Hub models: !@#$%^&*, and more. It’s best to keep to letters and numbers to be safe.

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Step 1: Unplug Old Equipment

This is as easy as it sounds: unplug the old router from the modem. If you’re replacing the modem as well, unplug everything. If you’re just replacing the router, though, you don’t have to disconnect devices wired into the modem with ethernet cables.

Step 2: Install the Router

This step entails connecting the router to power as well as your modem, being sure to double-check all cable connections as you go. You’ll know you’ve succeeded in this step when you see the lights turning on—these are the network status light, internet connection light, etc. If that last light turns on, you’re almost there!

Step 3: Log into the Router’s Management Site

The details to log into your Smart Hub’s management software for the first time will be included in the documentation. Set a new network name, password, and turn on the Smart Hub’s wireless internet.

This final step is very important because, without it, you won’t have WiFi! Once these steps are complete, you can connect your wireless devices to your new router and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

While BT Smart Hub routers work with Plusnet, the setup can be a little tricky if you haven’t dealt with electronics very much. Thankfully, the process is relatively simple and designed to be as fast as possible so you can get back to the internet.