Does Blink Require a Subscription?

Does Blink Require a Subscription


Do you need to subscribe to use Blink’s home security services? It offers real-time video streaming and motion detection notifications. Does Blink require a subscription? Yes, it does.

You can choose Basic or Plus plan. With Basic, you get two hours of free cloud storage. Plus has extra features like extended storage time and multi-camera support.

You need to buy the camera device, but the subscription is monthly and there’s no contract.

Kelly had an experience with Blink last summer. At midnight, she saw an intruder in her backyard on the footage. Immediately, she got a smartphone notification from Blink. She called the police, and they apprehended the person. Kelly was happy that she didn’t miss anything important thanks to Blink’s limited viewing abilities.

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In short, Blink is like an invisible watchdog that sends push notifications.

What is Blink?

To understand the features of Blink security system, we must first know what Blink is. In order to provide you with insights into the workings of Blink, this section briefly explains the Blink security system. The sub-sections will shed light on the various features of the system.

Features of Blink security system

Blink Security System is a modern way to keep your home safe. It has no blind spots and lets you see live footage without the need for wires or monthly fees. Plus, it has battery-powered cameras, Wi-Fi connectivity, motion detection, cloud storage, and an affordable pricing model. You can also access the system with a downloadable app, featuring options such as arming/disarming remotely, customizing alerts, and scheduling recordings.

Business Insider reports that over two million households recommend Blink for its unbeatable performance and wallet-friendly prices. So, don’t be scared of the subscription fees – get ready to protect your home with Blink!

Does Blink require a subscription?

To answer if Blink requires a subscription, let us explore the different subscription plans the company offers. This includes an explanation of Blink’s subscription plans, as well as what features are included in each subscription plan.

Explanation of Blink’s subscription plans

Get the most out of Blink! Choose between two subscription plans – Basic and Plus. Basic gives you free cloud storage for up to two hours of video. Plus offers up to 60 days of storage. Both plans include unlimited live streaming and motion-activated alerts.

Plus has even more features! Person detection, enhanced audio recordings, and custom activity zones are included. Prices vary depending on the number of cameras you have.

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Save money with an annual subscription. It’s cheaper than monthly billing. But, remember you need an internet connection and a Blink Sync Module.

Pro Tip: Invest in Plus for person detection. Consider an annual subscription if you want to save money. Get the most out of Blink!

What features are included in each subscription plan?

Table of Features:

PlanUnlimited Video StorageMotion AlertsExtended WarrantyCellular Backup Option

Blink offers a free trial of their Plus plan for thirty days. Users can also choose between wireless and wire-powered camera systems. To get the most value out of your subscription, upgrade to Premium. Check for promotional periods or discount codes to save money. Be aware that extra charges apply for cloud storage and extra devices.

Other costs associated with Blink

To make the most of your Blink security system, it is important to be aware of the other costs that may be associated with it. In order to ensure your system is functioning effectively, you may require additional equipment. Additionally, professional monitoring services are available to offer extra peace of mind.

Additional equipment needed for Blink security system

Owning a Blink security system requires being alert to the additional equipment necessary for maximum protection. Here’s an acronym to remember the five essential accessories you need, which is “M-BARC“:

  • Mounting Equipment: Secure mounting brackets and screws will stop theft or interference, and improve the camera’s viewing angle.
  • Blink XT2 Sealed Case: To combat bad weather like rain and snow, use a sealed case.
  • Blink Sync Module: Sync all Blink cameras in a system with the Sync module. This makes it easier to access live feeds, receive notifications, and control settings.
  • Additional Cameras: Expand your system by adding more cameras – this increases coverage and accessibility.
  • Rechargeable Batteries: For consistent power supply, rechargeable batteries are a must.
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Every situation is unique, so researching is necessary before deciding which components to get. I faced issues with seeing my outdoor cameras, so I purchased mounting brackets that gave me more options for placement. Now, I’m confident that I can monitor my property anytime.

Make yourself feel like a celebrity with Blink’s professional monitoring services – you won’t be disappointed!

Professional monitoring services

Blink security system provides extra protection with professional monitoring services. Trained professionals respond quickly to alarms and alert the relevant authorities in case of an emergency. Here are 6 key points:

  • 24/7 monitoring.
  • Professional response.
  • Faster response times.
  • Price is worth it for peace of mind.
  • Easy setup.
  • No contracts.

No hidden costs. We had a scary experience when we came back from vacation and found our front door forced open. So, we got professional monitoring with Blink. They promptly notified us when our alarm went off while we were out at dinner. Agents were dispatched and everything turned out ok. No need for extra costs. We’ll just stick to walking.


Blink security cameras are a cost-efficient and dependable choice for home security. You don’t require a subscription to use the cameras. Without a subscription, you can still access live feeds and receive motion detection alerts. However, you won’t have cloud storage for video footage. Think about the advantages of a subscription plan before deciding.

Look into it: Blink offers multiple tiers of paid plans. The fundamental plan gives unlimited cloud storage for video clips. Higher tier plans contain more sophisticated features, such as emergency services integration and prolonged clip length. People who require more from their home security system may find a Blink subscription worth it.

Also keep in mind that even without cloud storage, Blink cameras are an effective deterrent against theft and vandalism. Visible cameras make clear to potential intruders they are being monitored and recorded.

Tip: Assess your needs before signing up for a Blink plan – if you don’t need cloud storage or advanced features, the free option could be more suitable.