How to Use Echo Show as a Baby Monitor : Step-By-Step Guide

How to Use Echo Show as a Baby Monitor

When bringing a new baby into the world, convenience is crucial to the overall life satisfaction of new parents. Additionally, many parents seek to “double” their purchases by making lifelong investments through purchasing items that are not strictly limited to use with a baby.

The Echo Show is Amazon’s version of one of the latest technological devices in the “Smart” game: a smart assistant complete with a touch screen and voice activation system. What new parents would not want a Smart assistant to make their life a little easier?

How to Use Echo Show as a Baby Monitor

So, how can you use Amazon’s Echo Show as a baby monitor? In order to do this, you can choose one of three main options including connecting two Echo Shows, connect the Echo Show to an alternative Echo device, or connect the Echo Show with an Echo-compatible camera.

These three main options include a variety of reasons why they might be the best option for you and your baby. This guide will include the simple steps for utilizing either option as well as the benefits which could come from choosing one method over the other.

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By capitalizing on the purchase option of a piece of technology that stretches its life expectancy past your baby days, you can turn the Echo Show into a Smart assistant that truly works for you (and your baby).

Option 1: Connect two Echo Show Devices to Create a Baby Monitor

Using a drop-in component, you are able to view the live video feed from another Echo Show device that is positioned in the camera’s view of your baby. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase two Echo Show devices. While this may not be the least expensive option for a baby monitor, it will provide you with two devices to use as you please. Perhaps when not using as a baby monitor, you and your partner can benefit from owning separate devices rather than having to share one- thus providing personalization options for you both.

  2. Position one device near your baby’s crib or bassinet. You may need to purchase a stand in order to balance the device, or you can make one using household items such as books or folders. Then, you will align the Echo Show device number 1 to show the view you are looking for.

  3. Enable the drop-in feature on both devices. You may also use an application such as Skype to use video conferencing, but the drop-in feature (which is already on the device) will provide the same streaming. With this option, you will be able to both view and hear your baby by enabling “Cam to Show” or the “Show to Show” option, whichever you prefer.

  4. Maintain peace of mind while maintaining comfort. Now that you are able to view your precious child, you can rest at ease knowing that he or she is comfortably sleeping (hopefully, for your sake). You can leave the device running a consistent stream, or you may close one device and turn on the drop-in mode only when needed. The choice is up to you.

Option 2: Connect the Echo Show to an Alternative Echo Device

Similar to using the Echo Show drop-in feature with another Echo Show, you can use an alternative Echo device if you only wish to use the audio feature and do not desire to have a video component as well. To use this option, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase one Echo Show device and another Echo device. You can choose to purchase a secondary Echo device such as an Echo Dot or Echo Spot. This will provide you with two different devices to use within your home, while still providing the audio capabilities of an audio baby monitor.

  2. Position the Echo audio device near your baby’s bassinet or crib. Ensuring exact positioning is not important if you are only using the audio component with this method. Just be sure the device is close enough in range to capture your child’s coos and grunts.

  3. Enable the drop-in feature on the Echo Show and turn on the other Echo device. Once your devices are connected, you will be able to use the drop-in audio feature to listen to your baby with the audio stream coming from the Echo device of choice. Now, you can take your Echo Show with you throughout your home!

Option 3: Connect the Echo Show with an Echo-compatible Webcam

Wyze camera echo show baby monitor
Wyze camera – compatible with alexa

This method provides you the option of using an Echo Show without having to purchase another Echo device. While the webcam of choice will need to be compatible with the Echo Show, you can use a wifi-based webcam which you may already own. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase an Echo Show and a wifi-enabled webcam. There are a variety of web cameras that will work. The easiest way to find one that fits your budget and security needs is to search for “Echo Compatible Security Camera” to find your best option. An example (see the image above) is the Wyze Camera (Amazon).

  2. Position the webcam directly towards your baby. This will provide the audio and video display on your Echo Show, so it is important to capture a good angle. One thing to consider when purchasing your web camera is if it will require batteries or if it can be charged. This will affect the angle options available to you, as you might need to position the camera near a plug.

  3. Connect the webcam to the Echo Show. You can follow the instructions which come with your Echo Show in order to pair a device to it. Typically, this should take no longer than 10 minutes to connect.

  4. View the video/audio feed through the Echo Show. You can either use the convenient option of voice command or you may manually view the feed through your Echo Show. Either way, you have a convenient option that captures a high-quality resolution enabling you to distinguish the facial expressions of your child.
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Why Choose to Use an Echo Show as a Baby Monitor?

You are probably asking yourself why you should choose to use an Echo Show as a baby monitor in the first place. After all, there are plenty of standard baby monitors on the market. So how does the Echo Show have a leg up on the traditional baby monitor?

There are several reasons to choose the Echo Show as a baby monitor. Consider the following:

Value and affordability

It is possible that you already own an Echo Show, meaning you would not have to purchase a secondary device. If not, the Echo Show still has its benefits. While purchasing an Echo Show has a higher initial cost value than most traditional baby monitors, it is important for the consumer to consider the long-term value of the device.

Most baby monitors are fully capable of providing the initial service which you might be looking for: the ability to check on your baby’s sleep progress without entering into his or her sleep space (or having to change locations yourself). 

However, outside of the audio/video functions which accompany traditional baby monitors, there is little the baby monitor can do.

On the other hand, the Echo Show works as a technological assistant which is able to perform a variety of tasks. These tasks are not limited to strictly the video/audio capabilities but expand to tasks such as playing music upon request, setting a timer while you are cooking, browsing the internet for a question you might have, and more.

Therefore, the value of purchasing the Echo Show increases with its versatility.

Long-term use

echo show as a baby monitorAs we discussed the long-term value of the device, it is important to review many of the long-term use scenarios which the Echo Show could be used for.

As your baby develops into a toddler, it is likely that he or she will be able to entertain him/herself. This means that you can accomplish household tasks, relax on the sofa, or do anything else in your home without having to keep a strict eye on your child.

While this independence will likely feel freeing to you as a parent, you will still want to check in with your child occasionally to ensure his or her safety and wellness. The Echo Show can be used again in this stage by using the speaker function and communicating with your child from another room. 

By setting up the Echo Show as a baby monitor, you will be able to have live face to face interactions with your toddler without having to leave your post.

In nightly tasks such as cooking dinner, this can be extremely helpful for the parent to have the ease of using the device as well as the child having the comfort of having his or her parent so accessible without having to shout out, “Mama! Daddy!” from across the house.

When your children are older and no longer require the comfort and security added by using the Echo Show in this manner, you (or your children) can still use the Echo Show for purposes it was otherwise intended for.

You could even use the device to communicate with your pets through the speaker system! Either way, you and your children are sure to learn the ease of voice command with this device using your permission to request the virtual assistance.

Variety of uses (Versatility)

Besides being able to use Amazon’s Echo Show as a baby monitor, there are so many ways to use this device. Using the artificial intelligence (AI) smart assistant component (wikipedia), you can enable voice command to directly assist you in any task. As this device can host a variety of applications, it is truly up to the user as to where the limits are drawn. 

You can use this device as a handy assistant through searching for recipes online or on your favorite Pinterest board; then you can display the recipe on the screen providing a hands-free option while you cook dinner.

You can use this device to update your personal or work calendar in order to stay organized with your ongoing responsibilities. Also, you can stream video services, such as Amazon Prime Video, to keep yourself and your family entertained.

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Further, you can use the Echo Show as a live video conferencing unit by using an application such as Skype; this provides a larger screen and a hands-free option compared to using a smaller device such as your phone. 

You can also simply use this device in a “standstill” type mode through display as a digital picture frame to be displayed on your desk or in your home. By having a device that is able to perform many tasks, the long-term value increases. Anything else you want the Echo Show to do, it can likely be done! 

Voice command

While I have mentioned this in previous points, it is important to consider just how helpful this component alone can be. Let’s say you are preparing a home-cooked dinner with multiple dishes cooking at the same time.

You have multiple recipes pulled up on your Echo Show device. As you go to place one dish in the oven, you need a timer set for twenty minutes while you finish placing another dish on the stovetop to “warm”. 

Your dinner guests are in the living room enjoying a glass of wine, and you would like to leave the kitchen to join them.

As you voice command your Echo Show device to set a timer, you are not only able to keep your hands free and continue rapidly moving throughout the kitchen, but you are also able to bring the device with you into the living room to ensure that you hear the timer when you take a quick break. “Hey, Alexa…” turned out to be pretty helpful.

Not only were you able to increase your efficiency by using the voice command feature, but you were able to travel with the device as well. This is just one example, so you can likely imagine many more. You might even be able to ask your Echo Show device to research a quirky fact that comes up in dinner conversation!

Are there Technological Benefits to using an Echo Show as a Baby Monitor?

The audio and video quality of an Echo Show are likely the most beneficial technological advance of using this device compared to most traditional baby monitors.

While there are many high-quality baby monitors on today’s market, the Echo Show will provide top quality monitoring capabilities for the cost value. Other technological benefits include voice command (ex. Alexa), AI virtual assistance, and the ability to download and use various applications. 

Be sure to research which version of the Echo Show you purchase to ensure it has the capabilities you are searching for.

The 2nd Gen version is sure to have the features you are searching for including the drop-in feature which will permit you to use the Echo Show as a baby monitor. This is a commonly purchased version of the Echo Show for use as a baby monitor, but it is certainly not the only one that is capable of providing what you need.)

Related Questions:

Which Echo Show Should I Use as a Baby Monitor?

There are many different versions of the Echo Show. To find the one that best meets your needs, you will likely need to consider the extent to which you would like your Echo Show to serve you.

If you would like to view audio and video feed of your baby, the 2nd Gen Echo Show is a good option as it is an updated model that is compatible with most other devices. This provides the opportunity to choose either of the three options listed in this article.

Are there any Safety Concerns in using an Echo Show as a Baby Monitor?

Before choosing to use a wifi-enabled device to monitor the safety of your child, it is understandable that you would have concerns about safety. After all, this is your precious child whose safety you are responsible for.

There should not be any safety concerns when using an Echo Show as a baby monitor as long as you follow a few standard precautions. 

To ensure the safety of your child when using this device, you will want to prevent it from being hacked. You can do this by connecting to a secure wifi network, enabling antivirus protection on your Echo Show, use a difficult password for your devices, only download trusted applications to your device, and make sure your device is routinely updated to as to fix any bugs or viruses. 

These are standard precautions to follow for your Echo Show and other wifi-enabled devices, so these steps should not be additional steps than those you should regularly take to protect your device. You may also turn off your devices when they are not in use in order to provide peace of mind.

By following these recommendations, you should face no safety concerns when using the Echo Show as a baby monitor in the replacement of a traditional monitor.