Best Smart Cooking Device

Advanced technology and smart systems have introduced a wave of smart cooking devices. These incredible IoT products have changed the panorama of cooking. You will find everything from sensors reminding you to turn off the stove to precision cookers actually cooking your food while you are away.

The variety of products in the market will blow your mind away. But not all smart products function as magically as they promise. So, which cool gadget to buy? This guide will tell you how to choose the best cooking device for your kitchen.

However, if you want to buy only one smart cooking device, we recommend Perfect Bake Pro.

Perfect Bake Pro

Perfect Pro is a smart precision scale and recipe app. For beginners juggling between measuring cups and recipe books, this is a great device to make cooking easier. For pros cooking for parties and dinners, this cool kitchen gadget can reduce the time for preparing a meal.

What you will like about it

  • Compact, precision scale
  • Interactive app with enhanced features
  • Fool-proof preparation every time
  • Adjusts calculations and ingredients
  • Can update the grocery list


  • Adding new recipe can take time
  • You cannot skip steps or take a look at the next steps
  • Limited availability in online stores

What does it do?

Perfect Bake Pro is a smart scale that is connected with a recipe app. The app features more than 500+ recipes. These recipes are accurate and taste-tested by professional chefs. When cooking with Perfect Pro, you don’t need to open the recipe and measure ingredients again and again.

Just start the recipe in the app. And keep adding the ingredients in one of the bowls that come with the scale. No need to use a measuring cup or spoon. As you put the ingredient in the bowl, the machine will ding to let you know to stop.

In this way, you will be able to put precisely the amount that you need. Here is a video from the company which explains how to use it.

How to use a Perfect Bake Scale and App

Now that you know what it does, let us review the product’s quality, function, and other features.


Perfect Bake Pro has a simple, stainless steel body. It is small and sleek. The smart kitchen gadget comes with a digital Bluetooth scale and a backlit display. It comes as a package with three nesting mixing bowls and an oven thermometer. You also get a stand to hold your phone while using the app.


It is fairly easy to use. You have to connect the scale to the free app by Perfect Bake (on Android or iOS).  

The Smart App:

  • 500+ Recipes: Perfect Pro app is home for 500 plus tried and tested recipes. You can choose from a variety of items like bread, brownies, bars, cakes, cookies, snacks, etc. You will also find special categories for kid’s recipes, gluten-free recipes and unique recipes by master chefs. The library keeps updating with new recipes.
  • Timers & Alarms: The app works like a very brainy and interactive app that continues to work step by step. The app has pre-installed timers and alarms to alert you at different steps. You will hear the ding when you have poured enough ingredients. Also, when mixing the ingredients, the app will tell you when to stop.
  • Adjusts Recipes: The app is also great for adjusting the recipe according to your requirements. If you don’t want to try the whole batch of cookies, the app will adjust the quantities. No more sweating over calculations.
  • Fix Mistakes: Even if you make a mistake when pouring ingredients, the app will adjust the whole recipe to fix this. For instance, if you poured extra flour, the app will tell you to add other ingredients to adjust the whole recipe accordingly.
  • Add your Recipes: You can also add your favorite recipes to the app. When adding your recipes, you will have to add every step with the right ingredients. It may take a little time to do it the first time, but once you get the hang of things, this will be very easy.
  • Link to Pantry: Moreover, if you link the app to your pantry, it will also adjust your shopping list according to the recipes you want to try. Before starting the recipe, the app will also tell you if you have the ingredients for the recipe. This is a great way to enhance the performance of the app.

The Smart Scale

It is a wireless scale that works with great precision. The unit can be used on its own without the app. Although the app will enhance its functions. The digital readout displays all directions and measurements.

You can use it without the app and with your mixing bowls.

If you love trying beverages you can also download the Perfect Drink App and use it with this scale and any cocktail shaker.

Cooking Experience

The cooking experience with Perfect Pro is great, especially for beginners. If you are not a beginner but you frequently go wrong with measurements, the smart gadget can help you. in baking, the most important part is using the right ingredients in the right quantity. And then it is also important to mix the ingredients until required, Baking Pro makes prepping very easy for you.


The scale works perfectly well, but there are a few problems that we encountered when trying the Perfect Baking Pro app.

  • It is not so easy to upload your recipe on the app. Although, it is recommended by users to use a tablet instead of a phone to do that. It may take longer than you expect.
  • Another thing that may spoil your experience is that you cannot peek at the next steps. You have to start the recipe at the beginning, and it will continue in steps. If you want to see what to expect in future steps, the app doesn’t allow you to do that.
  • The app and its recipes focus on the preparation. While you can achieve precision in that, you may not find it much helpful when using the oven. Since the baking directions vary from the kind and model of the oven, the results of cooking may vary when using Perfect Pro.


Smart cooking devices can make a tedious job much easier for you. Perfect Bake Pro helps in food preparation. By using pre-installed recipes, it makes sure that you get a fool-proof cooking experience. It is certainly the baker’s best friend.