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Grilling is fun, and if you are like us, we bet you wait for an excuse to start the barbecue. However, when grilling it is very common to ruin the food. Sometimes it is undercooked, sometimes it is overcooked, sometimes the chicken feels too dry and sometimes the meat gets too tough.

IoT (Internet of Things) has brought many smart cooking devices in our houses. Char-Broil Signature 425 (see it on Amazon) is a great smart grill that can simplify your barbecue experience. Let us take a look at some of the features of the grill. We will also share a buying guide with you to help you pick the right smart grill.


Char-Broil is a smart grill that works with a smart app to provide a perfect experience of grilling every time. You can connect it to the smart app by using the control panel on the left shelf. It is expensive but it is a great investment for those who love barbecue.


The smart grill has a smart and sleek black body. The grill comes with three main infrared stoves and one side stove. There is also a warming rack on the top. The burners are covered with stainless steel sheets. The sheet will save your burners from any drips.

The firebox and lid come with a coating of porcelain. This makes them more durable even in harsh temperatures. The grilling surface is made of cast-iron. This too has a coating of porcelain.

Infrared Cooking

As the most advanced models by Char-broil, this also works with infrared technology. Char-broil uses liquid propane gas as a power source. A conversion kit then converts liquid propane to gas.

TRU-Infrared technology provides a better cooking experience by:

  • Using less fuel than most regular grills.
  • Providing a uniform cooking heat to the whole chamber.
  • Locking 50 percent more juices in the meat instead of drying it out.


The grill is very easy to use. Other than the controls, smart technology helps in making the whole experience easy. You will find the indicator ring lights very helpful. They will tell you if the grill is ready to use (green light), cooking, cleaning (orange light) or is not working properly (red light). Moreover, the tank indicator lights will tell you when you need more gas. This makes it very easy to use and ensures you have a great experience every time.

Easy Grilling

Char-Broil Signature 425 3-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The 42 inches grilling surface provides enough space to barbecue for a group. Once the food is ready, you can keep it on the warming rack. This way your food will stay warm and you can continue using the grill.

The main burners can heat up to 25,500 BTUs. While the warming rack uses side burners that go up to 13,300 BTUs.

Char-broil comes with one probe. The probe allows you to cook a piece of meat on a specific temperature. However, the grill’s body has two ports for the probe. You can buy an extra probe. This will allow you to cook two things at two different temperatures at the same time.

Temperature Gauge

It is very easy to monitor the temperature when grilling with Signature 420. A lid-mounted temperature gauge will tell you the temperature. There is no need to open the grill again and again. This also helps in increasing the efficiency of the grill.

Surefire™ Electronic Ignition System

You can integrate the grill with the Surefire electronic ignition system. The system helps by synchronizing all burners. It also helps the burners produce reliable sparks every time.

The SmartChef App

You can connect Charbroil to a free downloadable SmartChef app. Together the probes and the app will inform you about the temperature of the grill. The smart app will also tell if one of the burners is not working. In this way, you can avoid burning, over-cooking or under-cooking problems.

What you will like about it

  • It comes with a burner warranty of 10-years.
  • The app allows you to check the temperature
  • You can cook two things at different temperatures
  • Infrared technology saves fuel
  • It delivers the juiciest barbecue


  • Expensive

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Buying Guide

A smart grill can make barbecue a breeze for you. when buying one, look for the following features:

Size of the Grill

Depending on the size of your family or the number of people in your gang, choose a grill with the appropriate size. To determine the size, look at the number of burners on the grill. You will find grills with 2 to 6 burners.

Moreover, look at the area of cooking. For a large group, a grill with a 42-inches grilling space will be perfect. You can also choose one that uses a side rack with a burner. This can keep the cooked food warm while you cook the rest.

Power Source

Some grills use charcoal, some use gas, and some consume liquid propane (after converting it to gas).  Charcoal takes much longer to heat up. So, expect delayed grilling when using it. moreover, igniting it and watching the flame spatters is not fun. However, it does give the perfect smoky flavor.

Gas is a more economical option. It is efficient and cost-effective. If you use liquid propane, a conversion kit will convert it to gas before using it.

You can also choose one with infrared technology. In a smart grill, infrared technology will help in cutting costs of fuel.

Ease of Use: Choose a smart grill that is easy to set up and use. Most modern grills come with great designs. You will find some that offer extra warming space, protective lid, and even additional storage.

Look for one that comes with n easy to use the app.


A smart grill can enhance your grilling experience. The charbroil grill is great at performance. with smart technology, you can always have avoided any issues like undercooking and overcooking. You can also save on fuel consumption and get the juiciest meals every time. Every smart home needs a next-generation, smart grill.