Best Smart Light Switch

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Do you feel too lazy to leave the warmth of your bed when you have to turn the lights off at night?

If so, a smart light switch is what you are looking for.

You can simply control the lights with your phone and even with your voice if you wish. A smart light switch, however, does much more than just switching off the lights.

Even if you are not at home, you can control the lights. Smart light switches also help to save on your monthly bills by turning the lights off when no one is around. Furthermore, they can make your home safer. If you connect the smart lights switch to the security system or the smart smoke alarm, the lights will switch on if there is an urgent issue. 

Best Smart Light Switch

The best smart light switch right now is the HS200 from TP-link (see it on Amazon).

best smart light switch
TP-link HS200 – the best smart light switch

Review of TP-link HS 200

Do you forget to turn off the lights before leaving home? If so, TP-Link HS 200 light switch is the answer.

What you will like about this product

  • It is easy to install and set up
  • It doesn’t need a hub to work with Alexa
  • You can control the lights from anywhere
  • It offers a 2-year warranty
  • The maximum load is 15 Amperes
  • You can easily relocate the light switch without having to reconfigure the settings each time


  • The voice commands are limited to on/off only

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Easy to Install

Many customers love this light switch because it is easy to install. Even if your knowledge of wiring is limited, the manual of the switch has all the instructions you will need. So, you don’t need to pay an electrician every time you need to install the smart light switch. It will just take twenty minutes, and the light switch will be good to go.

Set Schedules & Timers

Furthermore, these light switches come with a bonus factor that traditional light switches don’t offer. You can schedule and track the energy you spend. This way you can make automatic schedules and timers. You will know when most energy is spent and in which room. So, this feature helps you curtail the monthly electricity bills.

Easy to Connect & Command

Also, you don’t need to buy another hub for TP-Link. It will connect with any Wi-Fi router.

You can easily connect the light switch to the mobile app. Moreover, the package includes a remote control that you can use to turn the lights on or off.

You can also make groups of smart devices you want to turn on/off at once with the TP-Link smart light switch.

TP-Link is also Alexa-friendly. This means that with just one command, you can turn on all the lights of your home.


The design of this smart light switch is minimalistic. It offers many functions without being complicated. Many customers appreciate this easy-to-operate aspect.

TP-Link is, however, bulkier than traditional light switches. So, you make need to replace the entire switchboard if it doesn’t fit in. Also, it connects using the neutral wire. It can be used with all sorts of lights from LED bulbs, fluorescent bulbs to CFL and halogen bulbs.


The warranty that comes with this smart light switch is another attractive feature. You will be at ease knowing that if anything goes wrong with the light switch, it will be replaced for free.

The company has also specified the maximum load this smart light switch can take. This helps you to limit the voltage you put on this switch.

Considering all of the above features and the price of the TP-Links smart light switch, it is a good investment for your smart home.

Get the HS200 from TP-link on Amazon

Buying Guide for Smart Light Switches

If your goal is to automate your home, everything matters. From a fully robust hub to the tiniest things like smart switches can make a difference in enhancing your experience.

Not all smart switches are created equal. So, you need to consider the features and specs each brand offers and compare them to your budget.

The following is a comprehensive list of the specs you should look for when you are buying smart light switches.

Compatible with a User-Friendly App

A basic feature of all smart switches is that they are compatible with a mobile app. They let you control the lights of the house with just a tap from your phone or tablet.

Of course, this wouldn’t make sense if the app is not easy to connect and use. Therefore, look for light switches that come with an easy to use the app.

Advanced Features

What good will be smart light switches without some great smart features? Some brands boast of some bonus features that make them worth buying. Many additional specs are popular. For example, some companies offer sensors to sense the presence of a human.

Other attractive features include saving energy, setting up automated schedules, diming facilities, microphones, touchscreen displays and integration with the rest of the home.

Compatibility with Alexa

You should also check whether the brand has compatibility with Alexa or your favorite AI assistant. This way, you can use your voice to control the lights without having to reach out for your smartphone.

Dimming Lights

Smart light switches also have a dimming feature that will dim out the light whenever you want. This feature can be very convenient. For example, you can set automatic timings so that the lights start to get dimmer around bedtime and then brighten up when it is time to wake up. You can also dim the lights when you are watching television. With smart light switches, you can create a specific ambiance in your home without investing in other products.

Connectivity with other Devices

Do consider what kind of connectivity the light switch offers. Does it have Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, etc? This can help you in integrating the smart light switch with the other smart products at home.

Furthermore, the smart light switch should be easy to install with specific instructions so that you don’t have to pay a professional every time.


Considering all of these options, you can compare the features with the price. Many people think that smart light switches will be very expensive. However, today they cost less than $50. This is a reasonable price considering their convenience and functions. They will let you control the lighting of the entire house with just a single command or tap on your smartphone. You can control the lights even when you are away from home – at work or on a vacation.


A smart home is a future! And, smart products and devices have made it easier to approach the next-generation quality in your life. A smart light switch will play an important role in enhancing the connectivity of your smart home. Look for one that comes with easy integration and added features to get the best bet for your money.