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In the world of home automation, the first purchase most people make is getting the best smart speaker. When it comes to digital assistants, Alexa, Google and Siri have now become a part of every household.

Among all these, Amazon Echo (see it on Amazon) has continued to be the most popular smart speaker.

It is better than its rival, the Google Chrome and here is a 100+ point comparison between the two that tells you why.

 best smart speaker
Amazon Echo – the best smart speaker

First of all, what exactly does a smart speaker do?

A smart speaker will answer all your requests when you speak to them. All you need to do is say an activation word, and the speaker will be ready to be at your service.

For example, you can call out to your speaker to ‘set the alarm for 6:00 AM’ or ‘turn off the lights’ – if you have smart lights at your home.

If you are thinking about investing in a smart system and other smart gadgets and appliances, your smart speaker can work as a virtual assistant. By integrating the system and the speaker, you will be able to voice command your whole house.

With the popularity of smart speakers, everyone wants to buy them. So, this article will guide you in investing in the best smart speaker.

Amazon Echo Review

What you will like about Amazon Echo

  • It has Alexa, a very intelligent VA.
  • The recent update comes with new features.
  • It comes with personalized voice profiles for multiple users.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • It offers hands-free voice commands.
  • The audio is better than other speakers.


  • It doesn’t feature the Zigbee hub.
  • Some users claim that Google Assistant is better in understanding commands.

If you want to purchase the latest smart speaker that supports Alexa, Amazon Echo  3rd Generation (Amazon) is the perfect answer. The third-generation speaker was released in October 2019.

In the cut-throat competitive market of smart speakers, Amazon Echo has made its place. It is known to be one of the best smart speakers available. From playing your favorite music to set your alarms, Amazon Echo will do anything for you. It will become an inseparable personal assistant. You can also use it as a source of information when you need it.  


The new Amazon Echo has the same design as the 2017 model. However, it comes with an enhanced audio output powered by Dolby. You can also connect the Amazon Echo to another AV speaker. An Echo Dot (Amazon) offers the same function as Echo Plus (Amazon) but at a lower price.

The Echo 3rd Gen comes is small and can blend well in any room. The latest model offers a new Twilight Blue color in addition to the previous Sandstone, Heather and Charcoal colors. If you hurry, you may be able to get the limited-edition Echo in red.

Smart Speaker for Your Phone

You can use the Bluetooth to connect the smart speaker to your phone. You can even use it to answer calls on your phone without having to reach out for it. You can also use the speaker to reject a call if you want.

It works well with most networks. If you are using a service that is not already integrated, you can still connect your phone via Bluetooth.

Smart Speaker for your Home

If you are using another Amazon compatible device, the speaker can be used as an intercom. You can connect it to every room. So, when you need to call the children for dinner, you can tell Alexa and she will make sure that everyone is there.

Easy to Use

The Amazon Echo has four inputs: two volume controls, a mute button, and an Alexa button. The buttons layout is simple and easy to use. The voice assistant limits the usage of the physical inputs though.

Just say the magic word “Alexa!”, and the unit will come to life. Not a fan of the word, you can choose another wake word to start the smart speaker.

If you have any privacy concerns, you can turn the speaker off with the buttons.

Compatibility with other Devices

The reason that Alexa is so popular is that it is compatible with a lot of devices. You can connect the virtual assistant to anything. It can control your music no matter where you play it from. Just ask Alexa to play audio for you, and it will find and play it from the vast libraries.

Likewise, you can connect almost any appliance to Alexa. This way, voice command will be enough to start or stop the devices. From your lights to locks, coffee maker to the dishwasher, you can enjoy a fully automated experience.

However, unlike Echo Plus, Amazon Echo 2019 does not have Zigbee. So, you cannot use Zigbee to connect it to the other smart products at your home.

Echo 3rd Gen as a Speaker

A major con of the previous Amazon Echo was its poor audio quality. This version has greatly boosted audio quality. This is a definite plus point of this model. When you are playing a song, you will enjoy the improved bass quality of the speaker. It will also play a song with acoustics pretty well. The speaker can provide a great thump and resonance when playing something.

Echo 3rd Gen as a Microphone

Furthermore, the microphone is excellent too. It features an array of seven mics. So, it can pick up your voice even when the music is playing, or you just murmur from meters away.  So, you don’t have to yell at the speaker to carry out your commands. You can adjust the level of the sound using the equalizer.

Updating the Features

Furthermore, the Amazon Echo will get all the updates and new features before other devices. It is no surprise that smart devices are always updating their software. This makes it a good choice as any update maintains their compatibility with the other devices too.

However, some users still believe that Google Assistant is better at understanding commands.

Best Price

Even though its functions and design are not entirely new, there are several improvements. Considering that the price is still the same, the new Amazon Echo is definitely worth your money.

Smart Speaker Buying Guide

There are a number of features you need to consider when buying a smart speaker.

Audio Quality

The first and foremost is the audio quality. This choice depends on the size of your home. As you increase the audio quality, the price will also increase. If you have a limited budget, you can go for a cheaper smart speaker.

However, the audio quality will not be top-notch at a lower price. In such a case, you can connect your smart speaker with a regular speaker to improve the audio output.

Connecting Devices

A smart speaker can make all the spheres of your life more comfortable. For example, you don’t have to reach for your phone and see the news. You can simply order your phone to play the news as you make dinner. If you have other smart products at home, you can use the speaker to control them as well.

Compatibility with Devices

Furthermore, you need to check the compatibility of the speaker to see that it works best for you. If you already have smart products at home, you need to make sure that they are compatible with the speaker.

Also, consider what connections the speaker offers. Most speakers work with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Other Features

Many brands of speakers also have some additional features that are worth considering. For example, some smart speakers offer multi-user support. So, the speaker will recognize who you are from the sound of your voice.

Some speakers also feature multi-room streaming. That means that the speaker will move room to room with you. If this feature matters to you, make sure you check the specifications of the product before purchasing it.

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A smart speaker is a great device to automate your home. You should choose one that will connect with the other devices in your home and help to form a great smart system.

So, keeping in view all the features of Amazon Echo and the buying guide, you can make an informed purchase. The review is based on our own experience as well as the customers’ feedback.