Do Smart Thermostats Require WiFi?

Do Smart Thermostats Require WiFi With the invention of new things like the smart thermostat, life has become easier, and we have more time to relax. While many of these kinds of devices are wireless and remote-controlled, you may wonder what it takes to keep your smart thermostat connected.

Do smart thermostats require WiFi? Smart thermostats will still work without Wi-Fi. However, some functions that you usually can change won’t be accessible from your phone if you depend on Wi-Fi.

Are there smart thermostats that don’t require Wi-Fi? Or do they all? Let’s find out.

Will Smart Thermostat Work If Wi-Fi Disconnects?

There may be some things in your smart thermostat app that you aren’t able to change if your Wi-Fi is down. Once your Wi-Fi is back up, your smart thermostat will automatically reconnect. In between, this time and when it’s down, the thermostat will keep working, keeping your house cool or hot. Basically:

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  • You need the Wi-Fi to get the full experience of all the possibilities your smart thermostat requires.
  • Your smart thermostat still works as a regular thermostat without Wi-Fi, but in this case there’s not much smart about it.
  • Wi-Fi enables you to do things from the touch of a button that you can’t do without the connection.

Your smart device can be used as a regular thermostat without the internet. A similar example is how your phone, without Wi-Fi or data, can still use a calculator tool. But when you aren’t able to make calls, you’re not using your phone to its full potential. The same is true for smart thermostats.

Is My Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Wireless?

The Wi-fi in your smart thermostats’ description means you can control your cooling and heating from your phone. No cables or wires are required to change and adjust the temperature in your home. You can even change it when you are not home, taking full advantage of its wireless feature.

Your smart thermostat is, therefore, completely wireless. It is an all-virtual feature contained directly on your Wi-Fi. This makes that wireless connection essential for its full and complete functions. Your smart thermostat will connect to your boiler through the wall, which is technically a wired connection, but it’s already in place whether you have a smart thermostat or not.

Pretty much everything that says it has a Wi-Fi connection can be assumed wireless unless otherwise stated. Or if it comes with attachable wires, like in the case of blue tooth headphones that can be converted to regular ones if the batteries die.

Is It Hard to Connect the Wi-Fi To My Smart Thermostat?

Once you establish the original connection upon installation, it’s super easy to connect your Wi-Fi to your thermostat if it goes off. Usually, your Wi-Fi will automatically reconnect to everything it was attached to as soon as its back online. When originally connection your internet to the thermostat, you want to follow the instructions that come with it.

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Connecting is usually in settings, if not one of the first things it asks upon startup. You’ll want to choose your network and input any passwords you may have on it. Then once it’s found it, it will try to connect. You’ll need to give it a minute to establish this connection, and then you should be good to go.

Are There Smart Thermostats Without Wi-Fi?

There are no true smart thermostats without Wi-Fi to date; however, there are programmable thermostats. They usually come with an LED display and look very classy. The disadvantage of them though is that you must be the one to remember to change them.

The best a programmable thermostat will do it automatically turn heating or cooling on. It’s not much different from any run of the mill thermostat in homes today. So, as to if it’s worth the money to buy this over, leaving your thermostat alone is up to you.

Smart thermostats offer a lot of things over those without Wi-Fi.

Most homes have internet these days as well so it’s not an extra cost to buy more as generally most people have unlimited internet on their home networks. The main advantage of Wi-Fi smart thermostats in this sense is that the Wi-Fi part is already established in your house, whereas the programmable ones without are an added-on cost either way.

What Are Some Things the Wi-Fi Does in A Smart Thermostat?

When you purchase your Wi-Fi thermostat and connect it to the internet, there are quite a few things this connection does. First off, it lets you control things from any geographical area as long as your thermostat and you both have connection to the internet. Secondly there are several common features you might find on a smart thermostat I will list here

·         Geo-Fencing

With geo-fencing, your Wi-Fi can tell when you’ve gone out of range of the house and turn down unnecessary things like AC or heating. Similarly, as if you come within range on a winter’s day, it can warm up the house for you, or cool it down in summer.

·         Weather Predictions

Your smart thermostat can connect to weather predictions from your Wi-Fi and change the temperature of your house accordingly. If it’s going to be a windy rainy day, it can adjust the inside of your home slowly as the weather changes outside. It can also send alerts to your phone to make you aware that these changes are taking place.

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·         Sensing

Your smart thermostat can sense things like an oven heating up the house or someone opening the door and letting a gust of air in. It will adjust accordingly without you having to think about it. There are many times after things like baking that the oven will heat up the house and leave its residents sweating, and with smart thermostats the temperature is adjusted before you even realize it’s happening.

What Is the Advantage of a Wi-Fi Thermostat?

There are many advantages to having a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat in your home. An example of one of the benefits is if it’s a cold winter day, and you’ve been gone all day long. You can heat up your home before you get there, so it’s warm and cozy before you even get through the threshold.

You can regulate the temperature of your home wirelessly and from various locations. If your smart thermostat is connected to the Wi-Fi, you have complete control over it. Saving you the hassle and lost time of having to manually change the temperature repeatedly.

Your thermostat will turn off automatically when the desired temperature is reached. This is accomplished through the smart features put into the thermostat that you can see on the application on your phone.

Is A Wi-Fi Thermostat Necessary?

Wi-Fi thermostats may seem silly to some, but in the long run, did you know they can save you money? If you leave the house and forget to turn the AC off, you no longer need to let it wear down your electric bill. You can turn it off from anywhere you are on your phone.

If you are just using your thermostat, you can save money on your AC and heater bills. You can set up things like schedules with your smart thermostat and have it turn everything that you don’t need off when you’re not home. You’re also helping the climate this way as well, reducing the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Smart thermostats may be the next best thing that everyone has in their homes. With things like voice control even, your Wi-Fi thermostat can change the temperature without you having to stop what you’re doing. It can be a big help to those with constantly full hands.