BT Smart Hub with TalkTalk – Everything You Need To Know

BT’s Smart Hub is an excellent router, and TalkTalk is a popular and affordable broadband service provider. Using a BT Smart Hub with TalkTalk might be the ideal setup for some people, and some have tried that combination. However, does it work as they want it to?

BT Smart Hub and TalkTalk-Everything You Need To Know

BT Smart Hub does not work with TalkTalk. BT Smart Hub works only with the BT Broadband Service, but you may not see that warning on the box. Both companies bring value to their customers with complete package services but are configured differently.

You need the information to make the right decision for you. Stay with us here while we attempt to sort it out.

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Can I Use BT Home Hub 5 With TalkTalk?

You cannot use BT Home Hub 5 with TalkTalk. Some use the BT Home Hub 5 as an access point with their current router and other ISPs following a multi-step setup process. However, there is no indication about how well that would work or if it would work at all with TalkTalk.

Your router is your door to work, entertainment, education, communication, consumer products, and information. The importance of secure, uninterrupted, and speedy connection cannot be overstated regardless of use.

TalkTalk is known for providing good services at a low cost. Still, it’s not a bargain if the free router provided by TalkTalk keeps dropping signals while you are streaming a movie or takes forever to load.

TalkTalk is technically obliged to provide reliable service and products as promised when you pay them and sign on to their service. Customers are happy with the program packages that are available with the budget plan. What customers don’t like is having WiFi service interrupted or slow download speeds that occur with the TalkTalk Router.

So if you want fiber broadband, free TV channels, and phone service at a low price, you may want to find a way to make TalkTalk work for your family.

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BT Broadband is ranked the fastest and most reliable WiFi service in the UK.

They claim high speeds throughout your home no matter how many devices are in use at a time. However, the cost for BT is greater than TalkTalk, but they offer more services, particularly professional sports live-streaming.

The BT Smart Hub Router is among the top technologically sophisticated routers available. BT Broadband makes their routers available free of charge to their Broadband service customers.

TalkTalk Knows the Need For Fast Reliable BroadBand Internet Service

Last year a large part of the population was in front of screens all day. It was the only way to get things done since we could not leave home. We needed strong signals in every room of the house because family members were working and completing school work using their computers and smartphones at the same time.

When we weren’t doing that, we were streaming videos for entertainment. From now on, that’s not going to change much.

TalkTalk saw a 44% increase in usage last year and, with that, the need to ramp up services. As a result, their ongoing expansion program is underway. The Future Fiber expansion program is slated to bring 506MB speeds to their customers.

Their expectation includes speeds that are 45 times faster and four times more reliable than their standard broad service. These speeds will surpass the needs of most families to use all devices at the same time.

Their projected cost is still about £350 less than any other provider, including BT.

TalkTalk Router Issues

TalkTalk Router Issues

Many TalkTalk customers are less than impressed with the routers provided by TalkTalk to its customers based on their selected package.

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There were many complaints about performance and the generally poor quality of the units.

Those routers will not support Future Fiber’s expected speed requirements. However, new routers based on the package you purchase will meet the speed demands of Future Fiber.

BT Smart Hub Set the Standard

The original BT Smart Hub is included with your broadband package, and it has set the standard for performance along with BTs high-speed broadband. However, those routers will not be compatible with the anticipated broadband speeds of the near future.

BT offers the upgraded Smart Hub 2 to meet future expectations of faster speeds, whole-house coverage, ease of use, and uninterrupted service and speeds up to 900Mb.

You can purchase the Full Fibre Smart Hub 2 for about £200. However, depending on the package subscription you choose, you might be able to get it as part of the deal as a new subscriber.

BT Smart Hub and Smart Hub 2 are compatible only with BT Broadband services. So the cost is going to reflect the range, speed, and dependability.


Both BT and TalkTalk are gearing up for the near future and are dedicated to bringing fast reliable service. In addition, there are multiple subscription packages from which to choose.

For those who can be patient with downloads, rarely stream videos, and do not use a gaming system, you will find your service less expensive with TalkTalk. It would be best to have a router that can handle any future demands you may decide you want.

Compare your needs and service prices to find your best buy for routers and service.